Wheatless Wednesday with G-Free Laura, Kale Chips

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created March 6th, 2013 08:49:13 AM

Modified March 6th, 2013 08:49:13 AM

Kale Chips


I’ve been skeptical about this whole kale movement for a couple of years, but I finally took the plunge and bought a bundle of it at the market the other day, determined to make a batch of kale chips. It never hurts to have a bit more green in your life, right?


I found several recipes online for kale chips, including tips on what seasonings to use and what to dip the chips in. I referenced a super simple recipe on the Kath Eat’s Real Food website which included a nice little video to watch in case you become confused on what to do.


Kale Chips

Adapted from Kath Eats Real Food




  • Grocery store produce bag of Kale
  • Olive oil (about 2 tsp)
  • Kosher Salt
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Tear kale off of the stem in “chip-sized” pieces.


Rinse kale with water. It is recommended to use a salad spinner to dry it off, but I definitely don’t own one. I just laid the kale out on a paper towel and dabbed it with another paper towel. Easy peasy.



Spray cookie sheet with olive oil. Lay kale out on cookie sheet. The less congested the sheet is, the crispier the kale chips will be.



Drizzle olive oil over top of the kale. I have an olive oil sprayer, so I just sprayed over the kale-filled cookie sheet.


Sprinkle kosher salt on the pieces kale. Then sprinkle the kale with whatever other seasonings you think your taste-buds would like. I used Parmesan cheese and it was FANTASTIC.



Place in oven for 15 minutes (but keep an eye on it so the kale doesn’t get too brown).


Take the kale chips out of the oven and chomp one down. Then serve!



I actually dipped my kale chips in ketchup. Some may find that weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


If you haven’t tried kale chips yet, I definitely think you should. You can fulfill your cravings for saltiness with some green veggies, it’s actually quite amazing! I even surprised myself at how easy these were to make, too. The hardest part is purchasing the kale itself! AND it’s not even expensive! You can get a whole bag’s worth for just $1, so don’t give me any excuses!


If you are interested in more super simple, healthy-ish recipes, visit the Gluten-Free Recipes page on GFreeLaura.com!



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