Four “Champion Care” Athletes Headed to London for the 2012 Olympic Games

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created July 12th, 2012 07:44:27 AM

Modified July 12th, 2012 07:44:27 AM

Los Angeles – July 12, 2012 – DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) congratulates its four “Champion Care” athletes who will represent the United States at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Lolo Jones will make her second attempt at gold in the 100m hurdles after competing in the Olympic Games in 2008; pole vaulter Brad Walker returns to the Olympic Games as the U.S. pole vault champion; swimmer Jessica Hardy will make her debut competing in the 100m freestyle and 4x100m freestyle; and Eric Shanteau returns to the Olympic Games to compete in the 100m breaststroke. The athletes each faced substantial injuries or adversities that were treated at DISC via Its agreement with the United States Olympic Committee for DISC to provide medical care to qualified elite athletes.

As part of DISC’s sponsorship of these “Champion Care” athletes, the athletes agreed to share their personal journeys through videos, interviews and profiles. These athletes have also received a stipend from DISC to help cover training expenses. An example of DISC illustrating the athletes’ journeys can be found with this video on Brad Walker:


About “Champion Care” London Bound Athletes:

Lolo Jones, considered one of the best female 100m hurdlers in the world, was meters away from a gold medal in Beijing before she clipped a hurdle and placed seventh in the race. On her quest for redemption, Jones sought treatment with DISC to release a tethered spinal cord and ultimately saved her Olympic ambitions. In January 2012, just six months following her surgery, Jones won the U.S. Open in the 50m hurdles and has already dominated the spotlight leading into this summer’s Olympic Games.

Brad Walker, twice a World Champion and six times a U.S. Pole Vault Champion, currently holds the North American pole vault record. In a competition following the 2008 Olympics, Walker crashed into the pole vaulting box during a 19’6” jump attempt. He struggled to return from a pelvis injury, ruptured disc in his back and disc bulge in his neck. After receiving minimally invasive back surgery (microdiscectomy) at DISC, Walker has resumed his training with a goal of jumping the world record at 20’2”, higher than his previous best of 19’9”. 

Jessica Hardy, a World Champion swimmer and Team USA athlete, set three world records before the age of 21. After being forced to withdraw from the 2008 Olympic Games, Hardy has come back strong, being crowned the World Champion in the 50m breaststroke and winning a silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay. She’ll make her debut Olympic appearance in London, competing in the 100m freestyle and 4x100m freestyle relay. Hardy has used DISC’s Soft Tissue Center for medical treatment on her shoulder, as well as for rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, acupuncture and sports psychology that includes neurotopia/brain sport.  

Eric Shanteau, a national swimming champion, 11-time All-American and American record holder in the 100m breaststroke, will compete in the 100m breaststroke at the 2012 Olympic Games. Already having faced his biggest challenge when he battled testicular cancer following his appearance in the 2008 Olympic Games, Shanteau also sought help at DISC’s Soft Tissue Center to manage a shoulder injury through medical treatment, acupuncture, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and sports psychology that includes neurotopia/brain sport.


About DISC Sports & Spine Center

As an official medical services provider of the United States Olympic Committee, DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) is one of America’s foremost providers of minimally invasive spine procedures and advanced arthroscopic techniques. Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr. founded DISC with the vision of delivering an unparalleled patient experience for those suffering from sports injuries, orthopedic issues and spine disorders. DISC’s individually picked, highly specialized physicians apply both established and innovative solutions to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate their patients in a one-stop, multi-disciplinary setting. With a wide range of specialists under one roof, the result is an unmatched continuity of care with more efficiency, less stress for the patient and a zero MRSA infection rate. For more information, contact DISC at 866.481.DISC or visit