Harvard Women's Swimming & Diving Blog: HWSD Summers

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created June 8th, 2012 03:47:40 PM

Modified June 8th, 2012 03:47:40 PM

The following post is taken from the Harvard Womens Swimming and Diving Blog. This is number fifteenth of many posts from HWSD on SwimUtopia. Each week a different team member will chronicle the team’s journeys throughout the year and bring the HWSD experience to you.  So please read and enjoy.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Harvard Womens Swimming and Diving at newsfromthezoo@gmail.com!

HWSD Summers
Posted on June 5, 2012

Hi, Brittany Powell here! I am a rising senior diver on HWSD and an honored captain for the 2012-2013 season. Exam stress is finally over and summer is off to a great start, which means a variety of exciting adventures for HWSD. Some of us choose to train hard, especially in the Olympic Trials year, and others are traveling home and around the world. Because our season runs October to March, many of the girls see the summer as an opportunity to travel or study abroad. There is such a wide variety of interests and plans! No matter where we all are, we have HWSD on our minds, and are getting pumped up for the upcoming season.

Dani Schulkin is training for Olympic Trials in Boston and then will head off to Cambridge, UK for a study abroad program after her swims in Nevada. Caroline Weaver is gearing up for a Trials qualifying meet, and after she swims at Trials, will return to Cambridge to proctor in the Harvard dorms. She will be busy taking a summer course and working on her thesis research in Human Evolutionary Biology.

Rising junior Taylor Foster is headed around the world to Beijing to work for a tutoring company with other Harvard students, and to study Chinese for half the summer. Then she will return home to Minnesota for an internship with ArgosRisk.  Laura Evans is working as the CEO of an upcoming startup out of the Harvard Innovation Lab and will spend her evenings DJing.

Diver Schuyler Moore is flying to London to work at a law firm and the BBC, and then will take her skills to work at a military institute in Germany. Rising senior Mackenzie Luick will be in Cambridge training for her Trials swims and then is working in Cape Town, South Africa for a month with an organization called One Heart Source. She will be teaching in a classroom as well as providing after school activities, and HIV/AIDS community awareness/education.

Kyle Kruger is heading to Trento, Italy with a Harvard Summer School program there, studying psychology and neuroscience. She hopes to fit in some sightseeing while she’s there! And one of our graduating seniors, Margaret Fish is working at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio for the summer before enrolling at the University of Michigan for graduate school in the fall.

As for me, I’ll be in Cambridge doing some training and studying for my MCAT, and then will be working for Partners In Health in Neno, Malawi during July and August. That’s just a taste of all the crazy places we’ll all be this summer, and there will certainly be a lot of stories to be told when we get back in the fall.