Indiana University of Pennsylvania: 2012 Training Trip Blog - Day Four

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created January 9th, 2012 07:13:14 AM

Modified January 9th, 2012 07:18:58 AM

Indiana University of Pennsylvania: 2012 Training Trip Blog - Day Two

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Day 4:

Day four of our training trip in Delray was hard, but very satisfying. We had our challenges but also our good times, so there is no complaining here!

When we left for practice this morning, we were all tired and fatigued from the training the day before. I don't know about anyone else on the team, but I felt the second I woke up how sore I was. Part of me did not want to leave my bed, and the rest of me felt ready to
take on the challenge of the practices ahead.

We started with our dryland workouts, the boys and the girls switching from the day before. The girls had a very good lift and it was very productive, even though we had to compromise with some of our exercises due to lack of enough weights to use. It really made me miss the gym in the field house at school, but then I walked outside into the warm sun and quickly changed my mind!

The swim this morning was fun for some, and just tough for others. Although I do not know exactly what they did, the sprinters seemed to have a good time with their practice. Coach Marlee always does a good job challenging the sprinters while keeping things from what I hear, but I am just a stroker so I don't know for sure! What I do know is that the strokers and distance freestylers had a tough time this morning with our sets. We all dug deep and pulled out our best efforts from what I saw, and that is all that mattered.

The end of a tough practice brought on a lazy afternoon for some, and a very active one for others. A bunch of the boys went into the water for some excitement dodging jellyfish and manawars. Personally, I think they have some guts doing that! Apparently there were a ton of them and some of them were pretty big. Another group of people went and played volleyball on the beach again. They played for a long time and all seemed to have a good time. A few of us took naps on the beach, and then the rest of us (mostly just the freshmen girls) started digging a giant whole in the sand to bury people in. Shout outs to Steph Dymond, Michelle Giordani and Matt Nakagama for handling so well the abuse while they were buried in the sand! While the hole was being dug, Coach Chris and his family arrived on the beach bringing his two adorable kids! Everyone loves playing with Coach's kids, and they both seemed to have a fun time in the hole we were digging!

After the great afternoon on the beach, we took the vans back to the pool for another tough practice. This one was not so tough until the long kick set at the end. Everyone's legs had been sore all day at this point so a lot of us were really hurting, but again we pushed through another tough practice! I may be wrong, but I think there are just 9 left to go!

I can't wait to get back in the pool again tomorrow, although I may feel differently when I wake up tomorrow morning and feel more sore than I did today! Regardless, today was another great day for IUP swimming in Delray Beach, Florida! More to come on the trip tomorrow night!


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