Indiana University of Pennsylvania: 2012 Training Trip Blog - Day Five

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created January 9th, 2012 10:19:39 PM

Modified January 9th, 2012 10:21:33 PM


Indiana University of Pennsylvania: 2012 Training Trip Blog - Day Two


IUP's Allyson Mitidieri will provide us daily updates on the Crimson Hawks

Day 5:

Today was a slow day in Delray for the IUP swim team. There was a mutual feeling of tiredness and soreness among all the team members and we all could not wait for the end of 6-8 pm practice. Still, today was another successful day.

We started with our normal morning practice: a dryland and weight lifting session followed by a 2 hour swim. The general consensus with practice today was that it was just long. The strokers and distance freestylers both had long sets, and the sprinters had some challenging sets as well. We were all happy and satisfied to be finished at noon!

Break time did not bring much excitement, because it was a pretty cloudy day in Delray. Much of the team was only on the beach or by the pool for a short amount of time before getting chilly and going inside to rest. A few of the freshmen went out for sushi for lunch which seemed to be a great success, and a few of us stayed on the beach late, but other than that the afternoon was quite uneventful for the team as a whole.

Tonight's practice was thankfully a recovery practice. We were all so relieved to hear we were getting a recovery after this morning's practice and the hard practices we have completed so far. We started off practice on a happy note because we all got a good laugh from Dave Donovan accidentally kicking his shorts on top of a roof at the pool. Luckily, a guard came to the rescue and not only retrieved Dave's shorts from the roof, but also his phone that was in the pocket of those shorts! We ended the practice on a happy note as well after our "get out swim." Four girls and four boys swam, attempting to go under a certain time in a 50 freestyle from the blocks for everyone to get out of practice. Good thing all 8 were successful and we got out of the water 15 minutes early!

Tomorrow we get to sleep in! We have a meet in the afternoon against Nova Southeastern, Western Kentucky, and Florida Atlantic! Although we are all tired and sore and feel like we are in no shape to swim fast, it should be a fun time! More updates to come tomorrow about how our meet goes, and what fun things happen on our trip. GO IUP! KA!


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