by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created March 31st, 2010 10:26:03 PM

Modified April 15th, 2010 07:44:29 PM

On March 29, the University of Texas lit one of its towers. The tower that they lit could be seen all around campus. They lit each side of the tower with the number one. They did this in recognition of the University of Texas men's swimming and diving team's win at the 2010 NCAA Championships.

The lighting of the tower is a University of Texas tradition. They light the tower whenever one of their athletic teams wins a National team championship. The last team to win a championship for the Longhorns was their women's indoor track and field team in 2006.


There are many schools that participate in traditions. Some interesting ones include:


Florida State
There have been a lot of other schools that have changed their  American Indian mascots but Florida State's Chief Osceola has been excepted by the state's Seminole tribes. Their tradition is that before every home game at Florida State, a student who dresses up as Chief Osceola will ride onto the field on a horse and shove a flaming spear around midfield. This causes the crowd to go wild and sets the mood for the rest of the game.


Arkansas State

They have a pretty unique tradition that involves the school and the football team.  They beat a war drum for 24 hours straight before each year's homecoming football game.  Every true freshman football player has to do this at some point throughout the 24 hour time period. The team as long as the fans take turns beating the drum. This signals the biggest home football game of the year.


New Mexico State

In 1920, some students at the University decided to gather up some rocks and hike up nearby Tortugas Mountain to make a display that represented their school.  What they ended up with was a large white letter A. The letter A represented New Mexico State's mascot, the Aggies.  Every year since then the students hike back up the mountain and re-paint the "A".  This has become quite a serious tradition for the school and has begun to gather a mystique about it over the years.


Let us know some more traditions that your team or a team that you know about participates in every year.