And The Controversy Begins

by Josh Huger (MrUtopia)

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Created March 30th, 2010 06:29:56 PM

Modified April 25th, 2010 06:05:00 PM

As the college season ends there is bound to be controversy. Last season the controversy was over the tech suits. This season the rising question is whether or not the University of Texas really deserved to win this year’s NCAA championships.

There have been several blogs and websites that have started writing about how Cal should have won this year’s meet. It is clear that Cal had quite the swim team this season. Cal won four out of five relays at this year’s NCAA meet. They almost constantly had a swimmer in the “A” finals for each event. Many people say they quite literally out swam this year’s Texas championship team.

In fact when you break down the numbers Cal actually did out swim the champs. Texas received a total of 54 points from their divers. They received twenty-five points on the first night in event 5. Then on the next night they received one point in the 3 meter. On the final night they received twenty-eight points in the platform diving. That’s a lot of points to be added on to a team’s score. In fact if Texas had not received all of those points Cal (who did not receive any diving points), would be this year’s champions by 23.5 points.  Another interesting fact is that there was only twenty-three points separating 3rd place from 5th.

Third place Arizona only received 13 points in total from diving. Fourth place team Stanford did not receive any points at all. And the same thing went for fifth place Florida who had no diving points either. The rankings of other teams would have been pretty different if the diving scores were not counted.

We can look at Purdue to further the point of the unbalance of things when swimming and diving scores are combined. Purdue had only one swimmer score for them at the meet. That swimmer was Sam Wilcher in the 200 butterfly. Wilcher swam a 1:43.82, in that event to place 11th and score 6 points for the Boilermakers. Even though he was the lone swimming scorer, the team placed 13th overall. The rest of the Purdue team’s points came from their divers. Their divers had a combined score of 91 points that helped make their team total 97 for the 3 day meet.

It is interesting to think about all of the changes that could happen to the scoring sheet if all of the diving scores were taken out of the picture.


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